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Hey y’all, I very recently connected with Lauren, creator of Lauren Alleyne Jewelry and I instantly fell in love with the captivating and vibrant photos and the obviously high quality designs. Furthermore, I got to pick her brain a bit as I am always eager to dig deeper and connect with creative entrepreneurs. Check out our interview! xG

1. What do you love about owning the boutique? I love having this creative outlet and being able to see my vision unfold each step of the way.

2. What do you fear the most? Oddly enough, I fear my business becoming unmanageable! Sometimes when something gets too big, it loses its personal touch and connection. It becomes more of a machine. I make all of my pieces by hand, so I want to continue to do that.

3. What is your biggest pain point as an entrepreneur? Wearing so many hats and time management! Juggling so many things can be both exciting and stressful.

4. What does a day in your life look like now? During the day, I work in Oncology research so nights, evenings and weekends are dedicated to my business. I jump between creating pieces, photoshoots, managing my website and social media, and filling orders.

5. What would you want it to look like a year from now? I would love for my brand to have reached exponentially more people, seeing my jewelry in more magazines, and on TV!

6. What inspired you to open a boutique? I am the most at peace creating beautiful things and being able to share my passion with others. Knowing that someone enjoys something that I put my heart and soul into is very rewarding.

7. Does your day to day reflect your original dream? Yes, it does! All I’ve ever wanted to do is create, and that’s exactly what I get to do now!

8. What keeps you motivated? My motivation comes from the desire to finish what I started, which is a jewelry company. Also, in being a creative person, whenever I’m inspired by an idea, I have to express it! New ideas keep me going.

9. What are your biggest challenges and frustrations? My biggest challenge is remaining true to myself. It’s easy to get distracted by what other designers are doing and feel like I have to do the same thing. I always remind myself that I have my own vision that I want people to remember me by. I also tend to get frustrated when I get more ideas than what time allows. I constantly feel like I’m in a rush!

10. Who is an entrepreneur you admire, why? I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the boutique Fab'rik, Dana Spinola, and her story of leaving the corporate world and opening her own boutique by the age of 30 is so inspiring. She now has many stores nationwide and has used her boutique as an outlet for philanthropy that has helped people worldwide. She’s also one of the most friendly, positive and energetic people I’ve ever met!

You can check out Lauren’s collections via her social links <3

Instagram: @laurenalleynejewelry

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